Almost all marketing forecasts, resources, or how-to guides for 2021 share the same advice: Videos should be part of your strategy. But what kind of video marketing is most important right now?

And here’s why it matters: Since 2019, the average user has jumped from watching 84 minutes of website video content per day to a projected over 100 minutes per day this year.

Let’s dive in and explore video as the new marketing channel you need to be successful!

Video with “hot spots”

The popularity of this form of interactive video content is growing. Hotspots include an area where users can click or tap to interact with the video in more detail.

This can include anything from zooming and scrolling to a hidden link in a video.

Hotspots work because they are interactive elements that allow people to interact with the content for longer. This style of video is especially popular in e-commerce as well as social media.

Another hot spot option? Other types of links or options for watching picture-in-picture videos in multitasking mode. Gone are the days when video content was the only one on screen.

TikTok style

If you scroll through any social media feed, you’ll notice that almost every video uses the fun, fast, and energetic style that’s popular with teens on TikTok. These short videos explain or talk about something with crazy dance moves, funny jingles, tricks, or pranks.

This silly and funny style extends to marketing as well. The Washington Post has a popular TikTok account that offers news in this format.

The trick of this style of video is the combination of information and entertainment. And it’s harder than it sounds. To make the most of it for real marketing purposes, you should first plan your storyboard idea. YouTube also took a giant leap into this space. You can see now TikTok style short-videos on YouTube. For a fast natural boost from the algorithm, you can buy YouTube subscribers and start a journey with a quick-jump.

More personal video interactions

You can thank the pandemic for this video marketing trend, but more and more people are interacting individually or in groups via live video chat.

Zoom has become a verb that belongs to this type of video. And that will extend to personal marketing. From styles and recorded videos that look like video chats to actually scheduling chats for sales purposes, we should all expect much more human interaction through video.

Less production

High-quality videos fade into the background – unless you’re filming – while blog-style videos are gaining traction. The rise of videos on social media and YouTube has changed the value of production to viewers.

Another reason for this popular video marketing technique? It is fast, agile and adaptable. Instead of sending a simple tweet, people can communicate with each other on the Internet using video messages.

Longer format video

Some videos seem to be getting shorter and shorter, but videos in longer formats are gaining popularity as well. People are becoming more and more accustomed to watching full-length videos online, from social media clips and interviews that last a few minutes to full-length episodic videos on YouTube.

The trick with long videos is that it has to be good. Did you know that longer videos can actually increase engagement rates? Latest study found that videos longer than 15 minutes account for 50% of all interactions. Think about it for a minute. You can create fewer videos and get better results.