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After giving up smoking for two and a half years and puffing through fake fags on the set of The Rum Diary, it was on the journey home that Johnny Depp gave into his cigarette addiction.

In an interview in The Guardian, 48-year-old Depp revealed how he got hooked again on a private plane with The Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson as they made their way home from filming.

Depp said: "I just said: 'Come on, give me a bang.' Bruce and I were in the plane, and I just said: 'Oh come on.' You know, we'd had a bit to drink – and …

"Well, it was a private plane. On a private plane you can smoke. It makes it an incredibly expensive habit, of course, because you can only smoke on a private plane."

Depp admitted that it only took one drag to get him hooked again. "One bang on Bruce Robinson's horrible little Café Crème cigar. One bang – yeah, one hit and it was over.”

Robinson’s re-found vice was booze – he started drinking again during filming after hardly touching a drop for over eight years.

Depp said: “Yeah, it was the gift we gave each other.”

The Hollywood sex symbol also voiced his distain for the smoking ban in LA during the interview.

He said: "In Los Angeles, the hoity toities, the beautiful people, will sit on Sunset Strip and have their meal at these kind of fancy restaurants where no one can smoke – but you can inhale car fumes all you like. I mean, that to me says it all."

The Rum Diary will be released in the UK on November 11.


Johnny Depp addicted to cigarettes
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