But what are the top five British shows which really bring on the nostalgia?


Hi-de-Hi ran for eight years during the 1980s and is a show which pays tribute to the Great British holiday camp. Written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, who were also responsible for Dad’s Army, the show starred the likes of Paul Shane and Su Pollard in the day to day runnings of the camp.

Named Maplins, it was a true depiction of the summer holiday and ran for nine series with a whopping 58 episodes for you to get through.

Eyes Down

Bingo couldn’t be bigger at the moment and there are tonnes of bingo variations available to play these days. But for those yearning the bingo halls up and down the country should switch on Eyes Down, a sitcom from the early 2000s which follows the day to day running of the Rio, a bingo hall in Liverpool.

Starring Paul O’Grady and Sheridan Smith, it’s a fun and guilt-free look at the bingo hall and one that will certainly have you hoping for the better days.

Premier League Years

For any football fans wanting a time where crowds were around and tika taka was just a twinkle in Pep Guardiola’s eye, then Premier League Years on Sky Sports is well worth a watch.

The show reviews a specific season and the trials and tribulations within it, and is a fantastic watch while we’re all missing the atmosphere of the Premier League stadium.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

If you’re looking for some true 1990s nostalgia than what better way than Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The sitcom oozes the decade, with plenty of style and certainly substance when it comes to comedic value too.

All episodes have just arrived on the BBC iPlayer so you can really fill your bots with this one.


Top of the Pops is a British institution and down the years and is a great watch for every music fan. The show is no longer live, with only Christmas specials showcasing the latest musical talent these days. Instead, the likes of BBC Four and BBC Two will look back to shows gone by, either focusing on years or particular themes.

You’ll find episodes such as TOTP in 1989, or David Bowie specials and more, which will have you boogieing along, reminisicing and thinking, “wow, that was a terrible song.” It really is the perfect way to wind back the years.