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As if it isn’t enough for people to slowly let reality TV and machines rob them of their critical facilities, along comes an iPhone app that tells them whether or not they should split up with their partners.

Well, we say ‘people’, but really it’s aimed at women.

The app, Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend (SIBU), allows girlfriends to rate how they feel about their partner on a daily basis as well as recording their feelings.

The worried female is not able to look at her own results for a fortnight, so her answers cannot be influenced by her most recent feelings.

SIBU then analyses the data and reveals how her feelings fluctuated in comparison to their general outlook on life.

The apps creator, who developed it while in a relationship she ended thanks to her system, said: “Being able to see your relationship clearly and objectively is the ¬first step on the path to a happy, healthy, love life - whether it’s with him, with someone else, or on your own for a while.

The app warns that it cannot replace 'discussions with a licensed therapist, a best friend or a favourite pet', but it can certainly provide a fresh point of view.

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 iPhone app which tells you whether or not to break up with your boyfriend launched
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