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We're well used to those dinner parties bores who confidently proclaim that men think about sex every six seconds.

This idea was thoroughly debunked last year, when a study in the Journal of Sex Research revealed that men in fact don't think about sex 9600 times a day. They actually think about it 20 times per day. 

Well, according to a new study that's nothing compared to how often women think about fashion.

It appears that the fairer sex think about clothes 91 times a day - roughly once every 11 minutes.

The findings come from poll by, which surveyed 1000 British women between 18-25.

The survey also discovered that women spend an hour and a quarter a day thinking about fashion.

"This is laughable," said Sophie Chopping, an events administrator.

"This is one of the most tedious pieces of PR-driven research I've ever heard.

"It'd be offensive, if it wasn't so demonstrably non sensical."

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