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In tribute to gut-stretching cult US TV show Man v Food, we explore England’s biggest and best artery-clogging food challenges. Prepare to feel nauseated.

Monster burger, Walsall

The challenge: This 12-inch-wide burger is served alongside a portion of French fries and either coleslaw or barbecue beans, with one hour to eat the lot.

“It’s made from 1.5kg of mince beef, with 12 slices of cheese, 12 slices of maple-glazed bacon, 12 onion rings, lettuce and tomato,” reveals co-owner of Smokey’s David Corr.

“We ask people to book it in advance, because it takes up so much time and space in the oven, it can be tough to make on the spot.”

Manager Dan Keys told a local paper “We’ve even had some people scream when they see it.”

The prize: The burger is free (otherwise £29.95), and you get a Smokey’s T-shirt that announces: ‘I conquered the burger’.

Success rate
: Seventy-three people have tried to conquer the monster so far at the US-themed restaurant – all have failed. “We had someone get close. He ate all the meat and left a third of the bread,” Corr says.

Try it
: Find Smokey’s at 26-27 Station Street, Walsall (tel. 01922 277161).

The monster burger - eat the whole thing in an hour, your body will thank you

Curry Hell, Newcastle

The challenge: Aptly named ‘Curry Hell’, Rupali restaurant has been running this challenge since 1987. “We’re in the Guinness Book Of Records as the UK’s hottest curry,” owner Rukon Latif says.

“We’ve had Gordon Ramsay try it, and Chris Evans on The One Show – but neither finished.” Choose a chicken or vegetable option, in a chilli sauce so potent it’s usually only served in small doses as a dipping sauce. Rice is supplied, there is no time limit and water is allowed.

The prize: The dish is free (usually £12.95), plus you get a signed certificate and your mug on the Rupali ‘Hall of Flame’.

Success rate: “This year, about eight,” says Rukon. “And we sell 20-25 portions a week.”

Try it: Find Rupali at 6 Bigg Market, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (tel. 0191 2328629), or see

Fame awaits those brave enough to take on Curry Hell in Newcastle

Sink the Titanic, Telford

The challenge: There are three parts to this challenge at American-themed diner Oscar’s – an oversized portion of French fries, a pint of milkshake and the incredibly tall Titanic burger.

“The Titanic has two 10oz beef burgers, two chicken breasts, four pieces of bacon, four onion rings, two potato waffles and salad,” manager Tony Koular says. The customer has 45 minutes to down all three.

The prize: The meal is free (regular price £15), you get a souvenir T-shirt, a picture on Oscar’s Wall of Fame, and your next meal at the diner is free.

Success rate: “About 3000 people have attempted it since we started it last year, and about 30 have completed it,” Koular says. “But it’s still one of our most popular dishes.”

Try it: Find Oscar’s Diner at the Odeon Cinema, Forgegate, Telford (tel. 01952 200577), or see

Sink the monstrous Titanic burger


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