A focus group conducted by online gaming site MobileSlots.com found the most typical habits Brits have when on holiday.

Taking many photos was one of the most culpable traits, with the recent trends of uploading pictures of airplane wing tips and bare legs on beaches to Instagram coming under fire.

Another sure sign you are a British tourist included an obsession about the weather, such as secretly missing the rain and packing jumpers even though you’re visiting a hot country.

The most missed things about British life when away from home were also acknowledged, like not being able to get a good cup of tea and queuing properly. 

Here are the top 25 giveaway signs you are a British tourist.

1.     Take too many photos

2.     Upload all the photos to Facebook afterwards

3.     Instagramming photos of sausage legs and airplane wings

4.     Frown at people using selfie sticks

5.     Learn how to ask for the bill in the native language, then do the universal hand gesture anyway

6.     Complain there’s nowhere to get a good cup of tea

7.     Complain it’s too hot

8.     Walk around with un-rubbed in sun cream

9.     Ditch the sun cream and then look like a lobster

10.  Ask for directions

11.  Get in a taxi when can’t follow directions

12.  Do a stupid pose in front a historical landmark

13.  Wear the tourist uniform, socks, sandals, backpack and bum bag

14.  Be mystified by foreign supermarkets

15.  Forget to drive on the right hand side of the road

16. Get a drink at the airport, no matter what time your flight is

17.  Fall asleep on the beach with a book on your face

18.  Get bad tan lines

19.  Get annoyed at people who can’t queue properly

20.  Be brave and try the local liquor then instantly regret it

21.  Secretly miss the rain

22.  Claim to be “jet-lagged” after a holiday to South of France

23.  Pack two jumpers ‘just in case’ even though it’s going to be 30° everyday

24.  Constantly saying sorry to everyone then saying sorry again when they don’t understand you

25. Keep all pennies from foreign currency in jar when you get home and never use them again