Starling Bank have recently done some research into these cheap holiday destinations & aggregated a list of the cheapest cities to spend a day in, so we’ve found some of the best from their research that would make for amazing short breaks. 


If you’re fascinated by ancient history and culture, Cairo is a must visit city for you with ancient Egyptian wonders such as the Gizeh Plateau and Pyramid of Djoser, among many others available to visit. 

On average a day spent in Cairo will cost you an incredible £29.22 on average, so it’s great for budget travel. A hotel in Cairo will likely only cost around £14.42 per night on average while dining costs £10.35 for your meals for the day. Adding to this, is the amazingly cheap cost of seeing all the landmarks, the average entry cost to an attraction is a staggering £3.96 per person and public transport is a steal at £0.49 for a round trip to and from your destination. 


Bejing is another great city for budget travelers, with the living costs for an average day totaling about £41.78 per day, making it a destination that won’t break the bank. The city is incredibly cheap to explore with a round trip on public transport costing around £0.94 and a night at a hotel will only cost around £23.99, which is incredibly cheap for a hotel. Beijing also excels in offering food for those on a budget, in Beijing for 3 square meals you’ll only be paying about £10.53 on average. The city of Beijing is also jam packed with historic destinations to explore for the history buffs, you can easily see the Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square. And for attractions you need to pay for, you’ll only be splashing out around £6.32 per person on average.  


One of the cheaper places to visit is Turkey’s capital city of Istanbul. The average cost of a day in this vibrant city is a mere £35.51, this includes a night at a hotel, which will only run you up about £18.07 a night on average. The city of Istanbul has a rich tapestry of culture and history dotted across the city, with top attractions such as the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar – a ticket to one of these wonders will only cost you £3.92 on average. 


Bangkok is our final cheap city to have a break in, an average day of exploring and enjoying the city of Bangkok will cost you as little as £43.36. Bangkok is an excellent destination for the party animals amongst us as a glass of beer or wine will only cost about £2.13, allowing for prudent nights out in Bangkok’s nightlife scene where people worldwide come to party and better yet the fast food meal you get on your way home from the party will only cost about £4.77.

If you’re more of a culture and history head, Bangkok has many exciting destinations for you to visit such as the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Khaosan Road for you to explore, you’re certain to make amazing memories in these beautiful and vibrant attractions.