Do you enjoy performing in front of Australian audiences?

Yeah, they’re a lot livelier, more direct with their laughter. They don’t think about anything, they just enjoy it. Audiences in the UK tend to analyse everything before they laugh, which can be annoying. 

Was it a gamble moving to Los Angeles from the UK in 2007?

Oh, absolutely. I came from making a good living in the UK to earning nothing in America. It was basically like starting all over again. I had to keep popping back to the UK to get money. But I figured I was good enough and it would eventually work out, which it has. 

You went to the US and didn’t change your style, do you feel vindicated now by that decision?

Yeah, definitely. I figured they’ve already got enough American comedians, so why give them something they already have. Americans do get British humour, which is why they buy all our sitcoms. They get me too.

Are there greater opportunities for black comedians in the US?

I think there are more opportunities. Obviously there is always going to be something of a glass ceiling but it’s certainly better than in the UK. 

What can we expect from your new show coming here in April?

Well, jokes mostly. An hour or so of me telling jokes and people laughing.  

Catch Gina at the Sydney Comedy Festival (April 22 – May 11).

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