Of the items that went missing, only 40% were ever returned, and people appeared to lose a range of different things while on holiday, the most common being:

 1.       Sunglasses

2.       Camera

3.       Clothing

4.       Purse/wallet

5.       Jewellery

Interestingly, those travelling from Northern Ireland were the most likely to come back with a lighter suitcase, with 94% of them returning home with fewer personal belongings than they originally went away with.

The survey by eShores, a luxury travel company in the UK, also found that on average, holidaymakers lost an average of £176 worth of personal belongings – this adds up to a whopping £1,760 over 10 years, which is easily enough to buy another holiday or two.

While travel insurance is always highly recommended when travelling, it seems that holidaymakers don’t always use it – 54% of those surveyed said that while they had purchased travel insurance before their holiday, they didn’t actually claim upon discovering that their items were missing.

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