Benjamin Ward is still baffled as to how the clothing package ended up so high, but it did arrive with a note from a staff member of the courier company myHermes saying: “stuck on roof, sorry”.

Mr Ward tweeted a picture of the note, with the parcel precariously dangling from the guttering in the background, to his followers.



myHermes swiftly responded with an apology.

“Good Afternoon Benjamin, Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. I can confirm we’re speaking with our field team now, this is unacceptable and we’re on it. Again, we do offer our apologies,” they Tweeted.



They then dispatched a courier to the house with a ladder to pick up the package and resolve the situation – although it’s still unclear how it got there.

A whodunnit for the 21st century.

Image via Twitter/Benjamin1980