The survey conducted by Nationwide Home Insurance revealed that a fifth of the capital’s residents (21.8%) didn’t always lock the door, despite being the most worried about burglary. It also showed that those living in urban areas were generally less likely to lock the door than their rural counterparts.

Out of the age ranges of those surveyed, those in the 25 to 34 bracket were most worried about burglary, but around a fifth in this age group didn’t always lock their doors.

Around 13% are planning to be away over Christmas (this figure is 24% for London), and those who are away over the festive period will take an average of two extra security measures while away, the most common of which is having a family member, friend or neighbour check on the house. Respondents believed that the risk of burglary over the festive period was most likely to increase in the week leading up to Christmas.

A quarter (25%) of respondents had been burgled at some point in their lives, with those in Yorkshire and London the most likely to have been burgled. Some 25% of people felt at risk of burglary and more than half of people surveyed (51%) agreed that they needed to take more precautions against being burgled, yet, despite this, those who felt at risk were no more likely to have contents insurance. There was little difference between those who had and had not been burgled and the likelihood that they had contents insurance.

The financial cost can be substantial, with the mean value of stolen items in incidents of burglary in England and Wales amounting to £2,267 (Crime Survey for England and Wales, ONS).

However, it’s not just the financial cost that’s a cause for concern with personal information topping the list of things people would be most upset to lose (tech and money came second and third).

And it seems burglary can be a driving force behind a home move, with 26% of those burgled having moved because of it and 16% considering moving because of a burglary.

In the South West, 47% do not worry about burglary, despite 48% considering themselves at risk.

The majority of those surveyed (79%) had contents insurance, and the younger age groups, 16 to 24-year-olds and 25 to 34-year-olds, were more likely to take out extra contents insurance after a burglary, at 47% and 51% respectively.

As for regions, Greater London was the most likely to take out extra contents insurance after a burglary (49%), while the South East, South West and Wales were the least likely, at 65%, 59% and 56% respectively.