The two and a half hour production is to be a “melting pot of British creativity” featuring everything from “Adele to Elgar,” says ceremony creator Kim Gavin.

Named A Symphony of British Music, the ceremony will feature some of the biggest British acts, over 4000 performers and will favour music of all kinds, skewed towards the pop rather than purely the classical contributions that more traditionally soundtrack closing ceremony events. 

“We want to create a fabulous, emotional experience in the stadium that night – something everyone will remember for years to come,” Gavin says of his plans for the show. 

“We will put on fabulous artists and everything that is great about British music. But it is also a show to celebrate British creativity and British imagination.”

Composer David Arnold, who is the musical director for the opening and closing ceremonies, will be arranging the scores for the ceremonies and says of his plans: “We’re taking a box of fabulously well known tunes and we’re putting them together to create one movement of music that is fabulously balanced.”

Photo: Getty