On a trip like this there’s no place for whingeing, and those who do have a moan are likely to be greeted with ‘suck it up princess!’ or other such advice from their tour guide.

Snorers beware: you are destined to sleep solo far away from any other tents. In the dead of the African night sound travels far, and your fellow campers won’t be pleased if you keep them up all night. The same applies to talking, loud farts and any romances blossoming between passengers.

What will I eat?

We ate something different for dinner every night. Lots of pasta, rice and potato-based dishes, as well as loads of veggies. Most mornings it was scrambled eggs and toast. Most meals are included in the price of your overlanding tour and cooking is taken in turns.

Will I have to crap in a hole?

Yes, you are supposed to. On the few nights we camped outside of a designated campsite (in the bush on the side of the road, basically) our group was encouraged to hide the evidence by digging a hole. Little trowels will be provided, so no need to take your own.

Can I charge my camera on the way?

Yes. Campsites — when they have electricity — offer facilities to charge your camera battery, phone battery, etc. Many have internet access too.

What is the transport like?

Our truck was like a party on wheels. The 26 seats faced inward, making for a very sociable journey. There was a ‘beach’, which was a cushioned area at the front under an open roof, so you could get a tan en route.

There was a small library and a sound system where you could plug in your iPod. There were eskys on board and plenty of storage space. Handily, there was also a buzzer to let the driver and the tour guide, who are seated in the truck’s cab, know you needed a toilet break or a photo stop.

What do I need to pack?

  • Hand sanitiser — you will be using this constantly.
  • Baby wipes — handy for a shower in a packet on those camp nights where there’s no running water.
  • Toilet paper — oh yes, you need this. Even if there’s a toilet block, chances are there won’t be loo roll provided
  • Head torch — might look dicky, but these babies leave two hands free when you need to pack up a tent or chop up veggies in the dark.
  • Water bottle — be good for the environment and get one 5-litre bottle instead of buying 20 small ones and throwing them away during your trip. Store it in the truck and re-fill your bottle when needed.
  • Deet — you will need this every day to keep the mozzies away.