Malawi in 2-3 days

Pick a town on the shore of Lake Malawi and enjoy the clear waters any way you see fit. An easy solution would be to travel the short distance (around one and a half hours by car) from Lilongwe east to Senga Bay.

There you can sleep under the stars, camp on the beach or rent accommodation. While there is also a hotel, several smaller resorts nearby offer safari tents mounted on wooden platforms that overlook the lake. Some of the tents even have private bathrooms, electricity and warm water.

Move south to Monkey Bay if the time allows but also make sure to visit the Mua Mission museum if you are interested in Malawi’s cultural history.

In 7-9 days

Combine a Lake Malawi experience with a visit to one of Malawi’s national parks.

Travel south along the Lake Malawi shore for hippo spotting from a canoe in the Liwonde National Park. End you visit to Malawi in the financial capital of Blantyre named after the Scottish town in South Lanarkshire where the explorer David Livingstone was born.

With its small expatriate population of about 25000 from England, the rest of Europe and South Africa, Blantyre makes for a bustling city with many cafes and restaurants. You can even visit the Carlsberg Brewery.

Two weeks +

From Blantyre travel further east for some hiking on the peaks of Mount Mulanje. You can choose between gentle hikes or serious mountaineering. The mountain is 3000 metres high at its peak, with climbing and camping equipment, as well as guides, for hire.