The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that early this year Brandi DeLaO, 38, had a nap on her flight from Atlanta to South Africa but woke up after she felt a sharp pain in her leg. When the sore began to ooze, and became feverish she thought it best to seek medical attention.

 After three operations, doctors finally managed to extract the venom. DeLaO will be going in for plastic surgery soon.

The bite came from a deadly brown recluse spider, otherwise known as a violin spider one of the most deadly creatures native to North America. The species are known to live in dark nooks and crannies. They often bite the fleshy thigh, arm or belly, and often when people are sleeping.

“I would not wish that on my worst enemy for anything,” said DeLaO. “It was horrible. It was amazing that a spider could do all that.”

Delta spokeswoman Betsy Talton said that the aircraft was inspected: “That particular aircraft also was inspected after her flight and no infestation was found.”

Talton also claimed that the Delta cleaning process is thorough, and that they have: “a multilayered approach that leans heavily on inspection and cleanliness.”

It’s estimated that DeLaO could have received up to $175,000 in compensation, and it’s thought the settlement was due to the fact blame could not be attributed to Delta, as it was uncertain where the spider came from.



Image: Wiki Commons