Sucker Punch director, Zack Snyder has said Amy Adams will be “awesome” as Lois Lane in his latest film project, Superman.

Adams, best known as the large-frocked princess Giselle, a cartoon character made flesh, in the 2007 Disney movie Enchanted, has been cast as Superman’s love interest in Snyder’s forthcoming reboot,and the director assured she is the right choice.

“I think you can expect all the things she’s capable of. What we’re trying to do is make a movie that lives in the real world so you will see her being real, beautiful and awesome, but trying to find some real moments,” he said.

Snyder is ready to take on the Superman film, to be produced by Christopher Nolan, even though it is a vast change from Sucker Punch, which he wrote and drew the storyboards for and is in cinemas now.

“Superman is a divinely different kind of concept, even just visually and everything about it. And it’s been that way since I pitched it,” he continued.

“Once I’d talked to Chris about how I wanted to make the movie and then told him the way I wanted to approach it, it was a whole other thing in a lot of ways. For me, it was different because I’d sort of exorcised those demons in Sucker Punch.”

He has to curb his imagination though, to some extent.

He added: “There are things sexually probably and in terms of the way I visualise violence (I can’t do). But it’s just a different exercise. You sort of use your brain in a different way.”