Getting There

The national carrier Malev flies direct to Hungary from many European cities, including London. There are also a wealth of other carriers who fly into Budapest, the country’s main airport.

 You can also cross into Hungary by train and bus from all of its seven neighbours.

Getting Around

Domestic air travel doesn’t exist in Hungary, but the internal rail and bus system means you’ll have no problems getting around.


The local network is called Mav and it runs an extensive network that covers most corners of the country fanning out from Budapest.


Anywhere the trains won’t take you is likely to be served by the Volanbusz network. National buses arrive and depart from the Long Distance Bus Station in Budapest, while local buses use the Local Bus Stations. Outside of Budapest, the two stations tend to be found within the same building.


You’ll either need an EU license or an International Driving Permit to drive legally in Hungary. Roads are generally in a good condition.