Amy Winehouse has been on a 16-hour drinking binge which ended when she passed out on the street yesterday morning.

The Back to Black singer has been conspicuously absent from the headlines recently after hooking up with new boyfriend Reg Traviss, who’s been helping her stay off the booze.

It’s hard to slip up in private when you’re a celeb though, and Amy’s bender was a spectacular fall from the wagon.

Starting in Camden haunt, The Hawley Arms, Amy was spotted snogging Mischa Barton and chatting to Russell Brand’s dad, Ron. She then headed into the West End.

According to The Sun, Amy was so drunk she staggered out of her taxi without paying and passed out on a pub’s outdoor table.

The taxi driver told The Sun: “She was totally gone. She’d no idea what she was doing.  She said her boyfriend had no respect for her and was blubbing away – I gave her a tissue.”

Amy’s marathon ended at 9:30 am when she crashed out on some pub steps.