while living in the north west country Victoria, Austalia my grandfather came across a cockatoo with an injured wing that was unable to fly. he took it to the vet and was told that the bird would never fly again so he therefore adopted it, built it a cage with perches and of course a bell, htis bird woud lunge a people and always try to bite them!!! so when my dads’ parents passed away we inherited the bird and it lived in the back yard. of course cockatoos screech and this one was no exception every sunrise without fail it would screech!!! it became known to the family as the “god damn bird”. these days our parents joke that it will be a condition of our inheritence that we all take in turns looking after it….never is our answer!!! so when i was in Hvar in Croatia and saw this man with a lovely friendly cockatoo i immmediately thought of home!!!!! the man was nice enough to let me get a picture with it and i have sent it mum and dad who consequently got it framed.