But you can’t help feel sorry for the poor newlywed couple that got the shock of their lives when they discovered that a travel agent booked them on a flight to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, instead of Salvador, Brazil.

Yep, the poor couple – Orin and Melissa van Lingen – thought they were on their way to Brazil to watch Holland thrash Spain in the Group B clash at the Arena Fonte Nova stadium last Friday but, according to the Daily Mail, Escape Travel, a subsidiary of Flight Centre, made one El of a mistake and sent them to the wrong city, some 4,000 miles away.

The van Lingen’s realised the error mid-journey but it was too late to do anything about it and they ended up watching the game on TV.

“We assumed there must be connecting flights but it was not until we got into the airport and there were no other flights,” Melissa van Lingen told the Sunday Terrotorian. “We were completely devastated but hopeful we can leave here to get on another flight.”

The newlyweds from Darwin are now (we hope) in the right country having made the 15 hour flight from El Salvador to Brazil.

Image via Thinkstock