Purchase of an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment

Contact a migration firm for professional advice and support during the entire process. The choice of the company affects the success of your case. It’s necessary to find responsible and experienced specialists such as Migronis team. Contact any of their offices or visit migronis-citizenship.com/antigua  to find out the details and calculate the cost of Antigua passport.

Before applying, you and your Migronis agent must collect documents that prove that you are a lawful and worthy person. Criminal records and the presence in the sanction lists are unacceptable. The application is filled out and submitted by the migration company on your behalf. Your relatives can be attached to also receive Antigua citizenship.

Investment options

The government of the country offers 3 areas of investment for citizenship:

  1. Investment in the educational fund. A potential resident must donate an amount of $150,000 or more without a refund.
  2. Donation to the country’s development fund in the amount of $125,000. The funds are non-repayable.
  3. Buying real estate among government-approved projects. In this case, the minimum investment is $200,000 and you can return the money by selling the property in 5 years at least.

The amounts indicated above are an investment for obtaining citizenship by one person without taking into account additional fees. At the time of the application submitting, you pay only the full cost of the reliability check and 10% of the state fees. The client pays the deposit amount and the rest of the fees after the approval. The procedure is confidential and your data can’t be transferred.

The term for checking the application by the Antigua and Barbuda government is 3-5 months. Delays happen sometimes. Authorities may request additional documents, but this is not a problem if you cooperate with an experienced migration company.

Why is Antigua passport attractive to foreigners?

The government provides favorable conditions for doing business, which includes low taxes. Entrepreneurs don’t pay dividends, global income, inheritance, gifts, and other taxes. Also, you get access to financial instruments and world banks for international transactions. Another significant point is the provision of the complete confidentiality of actions to enterprises. 

Given that not only you but also your family members can buy Antigua passport, here are additional benefits that make life easier: 

  • the opportunity to get a degree at the best universities in the world for free;
  • access to the best modern medical centers;
  • visa-free travel to 150+ countries;
  • easy visa application for long stays in the USA and Canada;
  • permission to inherit citizenship;
  • other benefits of country participation in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Antigua and Barbuda is a famous tourist resort with a pleasant tropical climate and clean beaches. The government doesn’t obligate citizens to reside permanently in the country in order to receive the benefits, but why not? Anyway, you get your own heavenly place to return for the holidays. In addition, English is considered the official language in the country, which is convenient for foreigners. 


Caribbean passport is a promising investment. You and your family get many benefits for life and business. Consider buying Antigua and Barbuda citizenship to gain access to these advantages at a favorable price. Start the process of preparing for obtaining island residency now and you will receive a passport in 3-4 months.