Starring: Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega
Putting a genuinely fresh spin on a genre as over-mined as the alien invasion flick takes some doing. Joe Cornish achieves just that, though, with his screamingly funny debut in which inner city kids go medieval on a bunch of aliens that crash land on their South London estate.
On anti-hero duty is Moses (Boyega), the leader of a gang of juvenile delinquents who use a samurai sword, water pistols and fireworks to take out some nasty creatures.
Going along for the ride is a trainee nurse (Whittaker), a local drug dealer (Frost) and a stoner who is painfully out of his depth (Luke Treadaway).
By spending a year researching South London youth culture before writing the screenplay, Cornish has managed to create characters that are so authentic that American audiences may need sub-titles to decipher the slang. The film is also boosted by wonderful performances from a young cast and, in the ape-like aliens with a neon blue snarl, some of the most original movie monsters for a while.
Attack The Block is a wildly entertaining offering surely destined for cult status.

Good for: Those with an ear for hoodie slang, innit.
Pierre de villiers
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