The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) expects that as the economic recovery continues, 50% of British businesses will take on extra workers in 2015. Modest pay rises are also expected.

However, Katja Hall, the CBI’s deputy director-general, said businesses polled were worried that they would not be able to fill some positions due to a lack of suitably skilled candidates.

This skills gap and concerns over regulation directed at the flexible labour market are considered the most significant workforce threats to UK competitiveness.

Applicants from overseas could help to fill the skills shortage. If you’ve moved over and are on the lookout for a job, then keep your eyes peeled for your ideal position.

Job openings will be on the rise in diverse sectors and across all regions of the UK, according to CBI, while the most significant job creation is expected in Scotland. Perfect for those who want to trade in the London lifestyle for some haggis and Highland flings.

Among businesses polled for the CBI/Accenture employment trends survey 2014, 43% said they would issue pay increases to workers in line with the retail prices index (RPI), at 2%, while 12% said they planned to give employees pay rises above the RPI measure.

The report found that more permanent than temporary jobs would be created; though the CBI has argued that controversial zero-hours contracts – where staff are hired without being guaranteed a minimum number of hours – are an important part of the jobs market.

If you’re looking for a step onto the employment ladder then 2015 could be an awesome year.

Once you’ve bagged a job you can then move on to your other new year’s resolutions, like joining a bikram yoga group or achieving a world record time for downing a pint.