Coming on board as AAT Kings’ newest conservation partner, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors will receive a significant donation of £27,000 over two years, with the organisations uniting over a shared passion for caring for the nation’s unique wildlife so that it can be protected for many years to come.

Terri Irwin said Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors are thrilled to welcome AAT Kings and the TreadRight Foundation as supporting partners over the next two years.

“We’re so grateful to be receiving this donation which will directly support the treatment and rehabilitation of koalas, one of Australia’s most iconic and unique endangered species at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital,” she said.

As one of Australia’s beloved marsupials, koalas are among the most commonly treated patients at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which cares for nearly 800 koalas each year at an average cost of £850 per animal. AAT Kings’ contribution will go towards the medical treatment and rehabilitation of koalas at the centre, as well as the building of eco-friendly constructions that will help protect those that are sick and orphaned.

The world-class team of vets and nurses at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are kept extremely busy treating around 100 koalas at any one time during the peak season, with 75,000 members of the public touring the hospital each year.

The single biggest reason for koalas being admitted to the hospital is from being hit by vehicles and attacked by dogs as a result of increasing urbanisation and the impact of the human footprint spreading into koalas’ natural habitat.

Image: Supplied