Talks with Andrew Bogut are on hold for three anxious NBL clubs as world

body FIBA works out an insurance policy to cover the NBA's superstars

during the American lockout.

Gold Coast Blaze, Sydney Kings and

Adelaide 36ers had hoped to up the ante in their talks with the

Milwaukee Bucks centre this week in a bid to seal "the most significant

signing in the history of the league".

However, discussions are

in limbo until FIBA finds a policy that suits about 60 NBA players –

including Bogut – seeking to insure their multi-million dollar contracts

so they can play outside the United States.

Considered the

favourite to snap up Bogut's signature, Blaze boss Paul Pamenter said

talks with the Boomers centre were in a "holding pattern".

"It is bigger than just Andrew globally," Pamenter told AAP.


are 60 or 70 guys on contracts valued up to $100 million now who are

trying to get themselves around the world while this lockout drags on.

"It is a bit of an unknown at the moment.

"(But) we are quietly confident."

Bogut's agent Bruce Kaider of One Management Group said talks would not resume until he had insurance details to share.

Kaider tweeted this week: "The process for securing insurance for @AndrewMBogut is not being drawn out.

"We are wanting to resolve as soon as practically possible."


tweeted on the same day: "I'm not trying to drag this @NBL decision out

but @fiba has had the euro champs on so getting an insurance proposal

has proven tough…."

NBL clubs are already cranking up their

2011-12 countdown in this week's pre-season Sunshine State Challenge

tournament in south-east Queensland.

Kings coach Ian Robilliard

said he hoped a decision on Bogut would be made sooner rather than later

in order to finalise his season plans.

"It would be the most significant signing in the history of the league," he told AAP when asked about Bogut.

"He would fit into our system very well, but we would have to adjust our roster to permit that – that might be a distraction.


I think the guys are professional enough to know that it would be for

the greater purpose of what Andrew would do for not only the Kings but

the league.

"We had a discussion with the leadership group when the name Bogut first came up.

"We understand the significance of his potential signing but we are trying to get on with business."