Critics were quick to pour scorn on the BBC’s coverage of the river pageant on Sunday, and yet more anger erupted over its programming during the royal procession.

After Cotton discussed a jubilee sick-bag with singer Paloma Faith, viewers took to Twitter to air their disgust, with one writing: “Wish people would stop giving Fearne Cotton presenting jobs.”

Another posted: “Throughout the weekend I have simply wanted to watch the jubilee events. Why must the coverage be constantly interrupted by dreadful interviews?”

The latter sentiment appears to be one shared by most viewers, especially on Sunday, when many were irritated by a constant stream of celebrity interviews and features when what they really wanted to see was the flotilla.

The production team even managed to cut away from the river pageant at the key moment that Tower Bridge was opened.

However, the BBC copped the most flak for rolling programme credits over the Diamond Jubilee Concert firework display, apparently because producers were in a rush to show an advert for Euro 2012.

Again, angry posts were made to Twitter, with one user writing: “BBC coverage of the #diamondjubilee has been lamentable, culminating in rolling the credits before the spectacular fireworks were concluded.”

On Radio 4 yesterday, former BBC controller Mark Damazer said the Corporation had tried to be “informal… inclusive and warm” but that it had “probably tried too hard”.

Other gaffes committed by BBC presenters during the coverage included getting the date of the Queen’s coronation wrong and incorrectly saying that Prince Philip is 92 (he is 90).

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