Liam Gallagher’s new outfit completely steered clear of Oasis songs as they kicked off their debut gig at Glasgow Barrowlands last night.

This is despite the fact that the band is made up entirely of ex-Oasis members.

The cocksure singer had earlier warned that fans calling for Oasis songs would be disappointed.

Gallagher was not wrong (though any potential disappointment could have stemmed from any number of sources – that the new songs sound A LOT like Oasis, for instance?) as the band ploughed through nearly every song from the their debut album Different Gear, Still Speeding.

The critics seemed to like it though.

The Independent wrote:

“A decision had clearly been taken to play no Oasis songs. It was a brave and creditable choice, although this meant the set stretched to only an hour and suffered a fallow period in the middle.

“Yet Gallagher noted this with a pithy ‘right, this is another new song’ before the All the Young Dudes-like epic The Beat Goes On, declaring ‘stick with us, we’ll have more by next year’“

Oh dear, really, is that necessary? One album is enough, surely.

The Sun said the band “came out all guns blazing”.

“The lads’ eyes were bulging and they were clearly desperate to prove they are the real deal. 

“The album…works far better live, sounding less polished and with much more bite.”

Beady Eye fans also raved about the gig on Twitter. 

But then they’ve been inured to fairly pedestrian rock by Oasis’ late-career output, so no surprises there.

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