Resolution! – the biggest annual showcase for contemporary dance in the UK – will be holding a festival at The Place from January 8-February 21, 2015, and you could be selected to review performances from top choreographers.

Resolution! Review is the online platform covering the entire festival and it is looking to recruit talented writers who have an interest in performance arts.

Chosen candidates will get mentored by a professional dance critic (don’t worry, they’ll only be assessing your writing, not your dancing) and have their work published and promoted by The Place.

The Place is the UK’s leading centre for contemporary dance, uniting dance training, creation and performance.

In Resolution! Review, each show is reviewed by both a professional critic and by an aspiring writer. The platform is now seeking recruits for Resolution! 2015, so if you’re not so nimble on your feet and prefer to express your interest in dance with your flair for writing, then you’d better get applying.

You don’t need to be a technical dance expert, as the platform is primarily looking for excellent writers who can communicate their responses honestly and in an engaging fashion. The successful applicants will be mentored and will have access to seminars providing opportunities to develop their skills and ask questions around current working practices.

Each writer is requested to commit to a minimum of three reviews at the Resolution! festival, which will celebrate 26 years of bringing fresh, new dance to the stage.

To be one of this year’s Resolution! reviewers, all you need to do is send a sample dance review (max 300 words) to by December 3, putting “Resolution review” in the subject line.

Good luck!