A video of a Beluga whale “dancing” along to a Mariachi band during a wedding in an aquarium has gone viral on Youtube.

The Beluga whale seems genuinely to be enjoying the tunes played by Mariachi Connecticut who were performing at a wedding held in the Mystic Aquarium, Connecticut, US.


Juno the Beluga whale is one of three that lives in the aquarium.

Senior trainer of Beluga whales at the aquarium, Kelly O'Neil, told Discovery.com that whales often choose to come and interact with humans through the window of their tank.

"Juno is extremely playful, so the mariachi band must have piqued his curiosity," O'Neil said. "The two females might have stayed away since he was hogging the window."

The Beluga whales are able to hear what is happening outside the tank, meaning that Juno really was listening to the Mariachi band.  He is also likely to have been mirroring the players’ movements.

Comments on Youtube show mixed reactions about keeping animals in captivity for entertainment.

“sorry for keeping you in captivity… heres a mariachi band!” wrote BretPendlebury.

“This is actually very sad. The whale is locked there, the mariachis play the funny thing and then go away.. Shit, how I hate caged animals,” agrees peripecia.

Here's Juno the Beluga whale again.