Getting There and Around


International flights land in La Paz or Santa Cruz, the former makes for an impressive arrival, the runway perched on a plain above the city. International airlines fly from all the major continental hubs, as well as the United States and some European cities.

Internal flights are a good way of cutting out long bus journeys on bad roads. Local carriers include Aerosur and TAM, be aware that safety records are not up to European standards.


Local bus travel in Bolivia is not for the fainthearted, but is usually one of the highlights for most visitors. Noisy, and packed to the rafters with people, luggage and livestock, it’s one of the best ways to really get a feel for the country. And you may even be offered to chew coca leaves to numb the painful journey – just remember not to transport any across the border to Chile where it is illegal.

Modern, air conditioned services are available between major cities, and are a good bet for longer journeys.

Camiones are even cheaper than local buses – these simple open trucks depart when (very) full.


Transport in Bolivia’s portion of the Amazon basin is almost singularly conducted on the river – where you will more than likely sling a hammock on a cargo boat.