English Literature Students read a number of books in an effort to enhance their critical researching, essay writing, and thinking skills while building proficiency in interpreting and analyzing literature. There are some must-read books that all the students of English Literature should read so that they can boost their love for English literature in a true sense. 

Take a look at a few of the books available for the most English Literature students. 

5 Must-Read Books That All English Literature Students Should Read

While the course for the English majors differs among universities and colleges, there are a few well-known books you will come across in the courses. These books are listed below.


Beowulf was written by an unknown Anglo-Saxon poet. Beowulf is actually the main character who kills the horrific beast Grendel as well as his hostile mother and saves the kingdom of King Hrothgar. Later on, he is honored with gifts with respect to his bravery. This story ends 50 years later with Beowulf as a King and an old man. He protects his territory from a dangerous dragon and finds out a treasure which the monster was protecting. 

Beowulf is undoubtedly an epic poem with over 3000 lines. This story is placed in 6th century Scandinavia. Not to mention, the writer is anonymous, and it is believed that the tale was passed down orally until ultimately a manuscript was composed around the 10th century. 

 Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn:

“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was written by Mark Twain. Huck Finn created his particular debut in “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” as the best friend of Tom. In “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, this story is related to Huck as well as his close friend Jim. In the story, Jim is a servant who is going to be offered for sale and isolated from his children and wife. Jim makes a decision to escape, and Huck follows him. The two friends travel on the raft over the Mississippi River. On the other hand, their desired destination is Ohio exactly where Jim will find liberty. On the way, they meet a number of violent and disreputable people. 

This novel by Mark Twain is actually a satirical look at Antebellum South. Also, he brings up the social, religious, and racist attitudes of that time. In recent times many libraries and schools have banned this Twain’s tale as it is considered racist and controversial. However, literary pundits regard this as the masterpiece of English literature. 

The Awakening:

It was written by Kate Chopin. “The Awakening” is a tale about a rich married 19th-century woman- Edna Pontellier. During a holiday trip to Grand Isle close to her residence in New Orleans, Edna falls in great love with another guy and finds out that she does not want to stay under the responsibilities and constraints of society. As soon as she comes back to New Orleans, she abandons her children and husband. The novel goes on with Edna surviving a bohemian lifestyle and facing implications of her such radical decision. 

While this book of Kate Chopin was released in 1899, many reviewers denounced this for the sexual content and characterization of the adulterous major character. Chopin published a number of short stories as well as another novel “At Fault”. Almost all her fictional works were placed in Louisiana exactly where she resided until the death of her husband. Nowadays Chopin is considered as a feminist author. 

Pride And Prejudice:

“Pride and Prejudice” was written by Jane Austen. Mrs. and Mr. Bennet have 5 daughters, and they are worried about their particular prospects for a wedding. This tale focuses on Elizabeth and her romance with Darcy. On the other hand, Darcy is a pal of Bingley, who moved into Netherfield Estate near the location where Bennets live. At the same time, Jane Bennet makes a decision that he might make a great husband. Elizabeth, as well as her sisters at first, doesn’t love the arrogant Darcy.  

This novel examines the preconceived judgments, falsehoods, family bonds and dishonesty. Austen is usually reputed for some other of her books such as: “Mansfield Park”, “Persuasion”, “Emma and Sense”, and “Sensibility”.

 The Scarlet Letter:

It was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. “The Scarlet Letter” is the punishment for Hester Prynne’s adultery. She ought to wear it on the chest and withstand public harassment due to the fact she will not identify the dad of her baby Pearl. The missing husband of Hester, Roger Chillingworth, ultimately arrives in settlement and begins causing problems for Arthur Dimmesdale – the minister. Meanwhile, Hester concerns that the frontrunners of Puritan community can take Pearl far away from her. 

Nathaniel Hawthorne is reputed for using symbolism and allegory in his tales. In “The Scarlet Letter”, he addresses the subjects of identity, sin, and evil. Hawthorne’s other popular novel is “House of Seven Gables”.