Mr Corr and the other commuter tried to throw a life ring out to the man, but he didn’t use it.

Despite knowing the risks associated with swimming in the Thames, Mr Corr could see the man was unable to tread water much longer, and swam out to him to save him.

Speaking to, Mr Corr said that initially the man had been very distressed, and had refused all offers of help, but then he took the life ring.

“I pulled him back to the south bank wall but there was no way to get out. The woman who had stopped me explained that she had called the police and barely a minute later the lifeboat crew arrived,” Mr Corr said.

Both men were taken to Tower RNLI lifeboat station, where they were warmed up and given tea and biscuits. The man who had jumped into the river was taken away by ambulance crews for further treatment.

Lifeboat helmsman Craig Burn praised Mr Corr’s actions.

“He assessed the situation and made a measured, very brave decision to go in. What he did was hugely commendable and we take our hat – or helmet – off to him,” said Mr Burn.

Image credit: RNLI/Ben Corr