It’s official: Britain is a nation of talents – we just don’t like to shout about it. Among the average British workplace of just 20 people there is a secret army of chefs, linguists, I.T experts, musicians, mechanics and at least one amateur pilot.

New research from the Army Reserve reveals that a whopping 90 per cent of Brits have talents and skills over and above those demonstrated in their day job. Surprisingly, the majority (52 per cent) of us keep our skills secret from our colleagues, preferring to practice them on the quiet outside of office hours.

When it comes to the nation’s top talents, the results are in and over half of us (51 per cent) consider ourselves a dab hand in the kitchen, while 42 per cent are a whizz on the computer and over a third (38 per cent) believe they take professional quality photos, demonstrating that Brits do in fact have talent – not even Simon Cowell could deny it.


Top 10 British talents:

1.       Cooking (51%)

2.       I.T. / Computer skills (42%)

3.       Photography (38%)

4.       Electrician skills (35%)

5.       DIY skills (24%)

6.       Foreign languages (23%)

7.       Playing a musical instrument / singing (23%)

8.       Sewing / knitting (20%)

9.       Mechanical skills (18%)

10.   Trained amateur pilot (3%)

The research was carried out to illustrate that there are over 20,700 Army Reservists in the UK working as teachers and electricians to vets and train drivers – all of who can boast of being paid by the Army Reserve to develop talents such as cyber surveillance and parachuting, as well as the more military skills such as tank driving, first aid and camouflage over and above their day job skills and qualifications.