Starting from Feb 24th and running across 2017, a wealth of house sounds will all be represented by tasteful tune makers including Maxxi Soundsystem, Mella Dee, Damiano Von Erckert, Maurice Fulton, Eliphino, Mr Tophat, xxxy, DABJ, Brassica and many more.

Byday ByNight is a creative party collective of long-time professional promoters that nearly always sells out its all-inclusive events. Each one runs for up to 14 fun-filled hours and is populated by smiling party people who really know their stuff but, most importantly, don’t take life too seriously. It makes for colourful and charming atmospheres at each event, where both local upcoming talents and world renowned stars all provide coherent soundtracks.

These sprawling parties evolve through different moods and grooves as the afternoon turns to evening and, aside from the music, there is always a special focus on exciting production to add more magic to each event. On top of this, there are many mouthwatering offerings from top food vendors and myriad unofficial after parties that keep on bringing people together well into the next day.

ByDay ByNight utilises venues of all shapes and sizes, including a run of summer events at Prince of Wales, with its two great terraces, cocktail bars, great food, different rooms for different party vibes and great attention to detail.  

From to downtempo grooves to big vocal disco, each and every corner of the house spectrum will be showcased at this most exciting year of events from ByDay ByNight.

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What’s On: 

Friday Feb 24th

Blocxxxy, Dixon Avenue Basement, Brassica

Saturday Apr 22nd

Prince of WalesMaxxi Soundsystem, Bobby Pleasure, Jess Farley

Saturday May 13th

Prince of WalesFelix Dickinson, Hammer

Saturday Jun 3rd

Flat Iron SquareMella Dee, Special Guests TBA

Friday Jun 23rd

Prince of WalesMaurice Fulton, Ray Mang

Saturday Jul 8th

Flat Iron SquareDamiano Von Erckert, Eliphino, Mr Tophat

Saturday Jul 29th

Prince of WalesAfriquoi, Dimensions Soundsystem, Funster

Saturday Aug 26th

Prince of WalesSpecial Guest TBA, Hubie Davison