The biggest and brightest of all the Hindu celebrations, the ancient festival marks the triumph of light over dark and good over evil and is celebrated across the globe.

From the ancient Indian art form of Rangoli to Bollywood performances, details of the celebrations are outlined below:

Wednesday 26 October, Cabot Square

Inspired by the Indian artwork of Rangoli, where patterns are created using colourful powder paints, Canary Wharf Group has commissioned Richard Bragg from RB Floral Design, to create a striking installation made up of over 3,000 flowers, which will float in the fountain at Cabot Square, to recreate a traditional Rangoli pattern. This will then be followed by a candle lighting ceremony in the evening to mark the start of Diwali celebrations across Canary Wharf. The Rangoli artwork will be available for the public to view until Sunday 30 October.

Thursday 27 October, Jubilee Place

A group of Rangoli artists from India will work together from 10am – 4pm to create bright and bold colourful patterns on the floors of Jubilee Place using coloured rice, powder paints and coloured chalk. Hindus traditionally draw Rangoli patterns to encourage the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity – Lakshmi – to enter their home.

Friday 28 October, Canada Place Mall and Crossrail Place Roof Garden

The festivities will culminate in a series of Bollywood performances by the Showmi Dance Company, who will be performing a mix of Gujarati Folk, Bhangra, Classical and Maharashtrian Folk in both Canada Place and the performance space at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden.

Performance times include:

12.30 & 13.00: Canada Place

14.00 & 14.30: Crossrail Place Roof Garden

For further details on the Diwali celebrations across Canary Wharf visit