Champagne in 2-3 days

Day 1

Start in Reims and check out the spectacular Cathedral de Notre Dame Reims and the nextdoor Palais du Tau. Then head to two or three of the numerous champagne houses (Pommery and Taittinger are fantastic) within the centre of the city that offer tours.

Day 2

Jump in a hire car and explore one of the four ‘Champagne trails’. The routes are between 70-100km but will easily fill a whole day – you’ll likely want to stop often to wander around the villages, do some tastings, and stop amid the vines for photos.

Day 3

Take your time mozying down to Epernay, another larger yet pretty town. It’s home to Moet and Chandon, which is worth a visit. A tour here is more an exercise in their super-slick marketing power than an insight into their iconic product, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see all those priceless bottles of Dom Pérignon slumbering away in the vaults. If you’ve still got time venture further south to the historic town of Troyes.