The combination of Hurricane Katia plus a full moon has resulted in enormous waves which could breach sea walls today authorities warned.

The tail end of the Hurricane crossed the Atlantic bringing 80mph winds yesterday which led to the M6 in Cheshire being shut, ferries cancelled and homes damaged. A leg of the Tour of Britain cycle race was also cancelled.

The north of England and Wales and parts of Scotland bore the brunt of yesterday’s storm.

The UK is expected to be battered by 75mph winds again today with warnings that Scotland could flood after heavy downpours yesterday. 

“Katia is producing weather extremes which many Brits have not witnessed before,”
Positive Weather Solutions forecaster Jonathan Powell said.

“Without a shadow of doubt, Katia is the worst to hit our shores since Hurricane Lili during 1996."

“The Great Storm of 1987 was the worst recent cyclic storm to hit the UK – but it wasn’t a hurricane and wind speeds weren’t consistent with hurricane-force winds.”

The Met Office extreme today forecast strong winds for central Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England and warned of the potential for localised flooding in western Scotland.

Hurricane Katia to batter Britain