So what was the question that has drawn so much flak? Drum roll please….  Contestants were asked to ‘Name something people think is a woman’s job?’. Hmmm. 

Answers included cooking, cleaning, receptionist and doing the dishes while men’s jobs included plumber and builder. However, many Australians were a little nonplussed with these gender stereotypes, to say the least. 

“Name a woman’s job? Changing the TV Channel when misogyny appears,” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

The channel were quick to issue an apology, saying via their Facebook page:

“We apologise for including the two questions relating to what people think is a man’s job and a woman’s job in the episode of Family Feud which aired last night.

“The questions were ill advised and should not hve been included in the show.”

We all make mistakes right? However host of the show, named Family Fortunes here in the UK, Grant Denyer was less apologetic and has stoked the flames of the debate even more, quipping: “We tested some social values on FF: name something people THINK is a man’s/ woman’s job? Don’t blame us 4 the answers, they’re yours Australia.”

Perhaps he has a point. The questions were asked of a selection of 100 members of the public, and so the answers given a representation to some degree of the public state of mind. They’re not decided by the show or one person in particular.

Perhaps the ill advised decision was to ask people these questions in the first place enforcing gender stereotypes long since retired to the dustbin of the past. 

So what do you think? Was the question sexist and out of touch? Or has the reaction been over the top? Let us know via Facebook. 

Image: Via Getty.