Sneered at in some quarters as an electronic dance-rock Flight Of The Conchords and loved in others for exactly the same reason, they produce a great line in self parody.

However, it would be a terrible mistake to say that’s all the suave Dave 1 and brawny P-Thugg are capable of. The Montreal duo clearly understand funk’s ability to get people moving – at both feet and booty – but it’s the varied elements they add that separate them from others in the genre.

Lush string arrangements, talkboxes, perfectly placed falsettos, uplifting synths, ‘emotional gangsta’ lyrics and a vibe oozing sex appeal have attracted a solid base of international fans that understand a band need not fit into one category all the time. Add a well-honed pop/ rock sensibility, with heavy leanings towards the Eighties, and you’re on the way to feeling Chromeo.

After releasing their third album, Business Casual, last year, the boys are entering that special area of a musician’s journey where talent, experience, confidence and ambition are aligned and, as such, should blow the roof right off the Forum.

Expect a high-energy party where seductive vibrations will have you grooving from start to finish. What you do after the show is your business, but be aware that after hearing Chromeo, it’s likely babies could be made.

November 25, Doors at 7pm
The Forum, 9-17 Highgate Rd, NW5 1JY
Tube: Kentish Town