It is not a secret that interchange fee is high. But when we travel abroad we should be ready to pay additional fees for money withdrawal. Situation gets worse when conversion is involved. 

What if there are cards that help travellers save cash and even bring back some money as bonuses? Such offer can be a wise solution for:

  • regular travellers,
  • people who spend half of their lives in business trips,
  • customers who buy from overseas sites.

While looking for smart decisions, people surf the net searching for the best rates or highest bonuses. They often come across credit or debit cards from various banks that offer both: cash-back and favourable terms. This makes it a choice worth considering. Many companies offer special bonuses for travellers: pays for miles travelled to their card holders.

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No charges

Special travelling credit cards are good for everyone who deals with international payments. First of all, they have no charges. All operations completed with such cards are rated in the same way as within the home country.

Saving money

People lose about 10% of sum when purchasing anything via point-of-sale terminal or when withdrawing cash from ATMs. Travel cards will save your money. They have the most pleasing exchange rates. No other Visa or Master Card can offer you this.

Annual fee

How often are we on vacation? Once a year or maybe twice. It would be weird to pay huge sums for something that occurs for two weeks only. This is why most banks offer travel cards without any fees. Even if they are included in the plan – they are rarely higher than 0,1%.

Cash back

The bigger your bank is – the higher percent of money you get back to your account. Of course, to get some funds back – one should spend money from their bank account.

Companies want us to pay without withdrawals. Most of them return at least 1% of the purchase price. Sometimes this sum might reach 50%.


No matter what our bank is, we still have to pay every time when withdrawing money from ATMs. Some banks have established whole international alliances together. When receiving a card, check the list of banks where you can withdraw money absolutely free of charge.