A female spectator in the Lord’s Pavilion was injured by broken glass after a bat thrown by England’s Matt Prior broke a window in London on Tuesday.

Confusion surrounded the initial cause of the accident, which was said by a team spokesman to have involved an extraordinary sequence of events starting with a glove thrown by Prior, seemingly annoyed at being run out on the final day of the drawn second Test against Sri Lanka.

But, after speaking to England coach Andy Flower, who witnessed the incident, the spokesman, who said he’d previously been given “second-hand” information, told AFP: “Matt Prior put his bat on the ledge where the (dressing room) wall meets the window.

“The bat handle bounced off the wall into the glass and the glass broke.”

England captain Andrew Strauss, speaking after the match, told reporters: “It was one of those unfortunate incidents. Matt Prior didn’t mean to break the window at all but it was dangerous and we apologised.

“It was a complete accident, a dangerous accident because there were people below. But Matt, to be fair, went down straight away to apologise.”

An England spokesman had earlier said: “It is my understanding a female spectator suffered a small cut to her ankle.”

When first contacted, the spokesman said Prior had thrown a glove onto a kitbag in the dressing room and that the glove had rebounded into bats that were resting on the window pane, in turn breaking the glass.

The spokesman added Prior would not be fined by team management and it is understood Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which owns Lord’s, will not bill the wicketkeeper for the damage.