Donning a blonde wig, black pumps, and colourful wrap dress, Bond actor Daniel Craig appeared in drag for a public service announcement to raise awareness for International Women’s Day.

The thought of a longhaired, blonde Bond may be funny to some, but the actor cross-dressed in an effort to remind the public about the grave inequality women still suffer today in 2011.

Portraying his classic Bond character, Craig, 43, saunters into a monochromatic screen, where he is greeted by the voice of Government Agent M, played by Judi Dench. M asks Bond if he thinks women and men are equal, listing staggering statistics about gender inequality, while Bond listens silently.

Bond leaves the screen and reappears literally “in women’s shoes” as M continues with facts on sexual abuse, pay difference, domestic violence, and other mistreatments of women in society. Solemnly, Bond removes his wig and earrings.

The pro-feminist group EQUALS commissioned the clip, which was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood.

“Bond is challenged by M to think about gender inequality, and I hope that the film encourages viewers to do the same,” said Taylor-Wood.