Colombian club Cucuta Deportivo had a die-hard fan among the spectators of one of their recent top-flight matches.

And he literally was die-hard.

Supporters of the club smuggled a dead gang member in a coffin into the match on Sunday.

Cristopher Jacome, 17, had been shot by hitmen on the day, but still made it to the match in the afternoon at the 45,000-capacity General Santander Stadium in the north-eastern city of Cucuta.

The shooting, according to police, was unrelated to the Cucuta Deportivo team, which eventually drew with Envigado.

“This regrettable incident happened on Sunday when a group of hooligans managed to hoodwink stadium security and get the body of young Cristopher Jacome into the stadium,” local police colonel Alvaro Pico told AFP.

According to police, Jacome had been targeted by gunmen while playing in a friendly park kick-around in a poor district in the southern outskirts of Cucuta.

Jacome, a member of Barra del Indio, a supporters group known for their strange antics at matches, was apparently considered a super fan.

It has been said he was dying to see the game.

Stadium officials are reportedly looking into how a cadaver in a coffin entered the stadium. There doesn’t appear to be a special ticket for that. Local police have reportedly discovered who took the boy’s body from the funeral home.