A Facebook page set up as a tribute for Emily Longley, an aspiring model killed in Bournemouth at the weekend, has been defaced by with lewd and macabre photos.

New Zealand-born Longley, 17, died just two days after telling friends of her concern about a stalker in Bournemouth, where she lived.

A Facebook page was set up by friends as a tribute to the dead teenager but internet trolls have since posted disturbing messages and images, including one of the dead woman labelled a “slutbag”.

The images drew immediate condemnation from Longley’s friends.

Jack Beasley wrote: “Fuck those heartless c**ts with the photos. RIP Emily. Sorely missed.

Shana West was also horrifed. “Someone should make a new page that serves the purpose it was supposed to… to remember a gorgeous young girl who dies to soon,” she wrote. “The scumbags here deserve nothing less than to rot for all eternity.”

The original page had garnered more than 6000 ‘likes’ but this morning another page ‘Tribute to Emily Longley’ has been set up.

Australian cyber safety researcher Nina Funnell recently told the Canberra Times that trolls treat defacing memorial sites ”like a sport”.

affords people a forum and a space to explore these really ugly sides
of themselves without any consequence or responsibility,” she said.

‘People are less inhibited online,” she said.

”The greater the level of perceived anonymity, the more bold and daring people are willing to be with what they say.”

The sickening posts make a bad situation worste for Longley’s family and friends. Only on Thursday the aspiring model announced a male was hassling her.

She posted on facebook that she was ‘really scared’ because an
unidentified man had been calling her repeatedly from a blocked number during the week.

She wrote: ‘Someone just called me and I was like who’s this?
And they were like you don’t know me but I know everything about you.

I was like how did you get my number and he was like ill tell you when
I see you and kept asking me out. So I hung up and they wont stop

 Longley moved to the UK to study after being a student at Westlake
Girls’ High School and Takapuna Grammar on Auckland’s North Shore.

Her father Mark told New Zealand media the move had been with her parent’s beleeing as she had been hanging out with poeople they didn’t approve of.

He and her mother Caroline are flying to the UK while the investigation continues. Memorial
services are also due to be held in New Zealand and England.

Meanwhile,Dorset police have said they are treating Miss Longley’s
death as ‘unexplained’ and a 19-year-old from Bournemouth ‘is helping
with inquiries’.