Dream Away and set your goal

To dream and aim for something is crucial in life. It motivates us and brings purpose. Make your dream into a goal and aim for it with all you got. Of course, dreams don’t have to be based on financial success. You might want to go on a trip, gain or lose a few pounds or to reconnect with old friends. It’s all about getting started – create a goal and get down to business.

The Financial dream – People seek it out in various ways. Some people try to save up money, some make investment and then we have some who gamble their way towards their dream. If you’re new to online gambling and the world of casino there are several great online casino guides like Dreamz (very suitable name for this topic) that can help you find a trustworthy and secure casino and give you a complete guide on how things work.

Of course, the first two options are the safe and secure way to go, to make a savings plan and follow it to the letter. However, the third option – to hit the slots or table games at an online casino maybe is a more thrilling thought? You could reach your dream within seconds. Let’s take a closer look at the business and the chances of winning.

The Gambling Industry Is Booming

As you may have noticed the gambling industry have been booming lately. New gambling, sportsbook and casino sites appear more than ever before. If we have a look at the global casino market we find a huge growth each year, and the revenue for online casino reaching over $50 billion a year. And it does not look to slow down, it’s projected to keep growing years ahead. Why is that? you might ask yourself. Well, there is a lot of factors why we can see this growth for the casino industry.

First of all, the technology has made it easy and more exciting to play. You can access a casino account almost anywhere in the world. There’s also been some huge development in the actual games available, visual effects and themed slot machines, which attract a larger group of people.

Secondly, the gambling industry have reach a state of acceptance in the everyday man – it’s no longer something bad to gamble for money. These days you play at an online casino for the joy, thrill and excitement, or simply to past time.

And finally – growth gives birth to growth, the “circle of life” in business. As the gambling industry is growing more money gets distributed in different channels reaching more and more people every day – which leads to more people playing and the acceptance, of this debated industry, gets stronger and stronger.

As new casinos appear, new offers appear. This is where you as player can take the chance to increase the chance of winning the dream jackpot, as most online casinos offer a welcome bonus to attract new customers. You can find thousands of online casinos around the world, so it could be hard to keep track of them all. So, a first step to maximize your gambling experience could be to swing by the casino guide Dreamz.com, read more!

Odds of Winning

Of course, the odds of winning varies depending on which slot machine or game you’re playing, on which casino, how much you bet, and a few other factors. The probability of winning is based on how many reels and symbols there is – how many different outcomes there is on the specific slot.

What many sites advises you to keep your eyes open for is the so called “RTP” (return to player). It’s the percentage the specific slot machine pays back to the casino players. It usually is between 95-98% on modern video slots. You can find information on RTP on most slot machines available. If you need help to find and choose a nice slot machine you can check out this Facebook page that post game reviews on daily basis.

However, this is a bit misleading and it’s hard for as a player to really take advantage of it. The RTP percentage is counted over a long period of time and the slot doesn’t have any “memory” over your previous rounds. Each spin you make is completely random and you don’t know how the slot payout for the time period have been – so in the end, it all comes down to plain luck, more or less. In the long run, if you follow the average it’s hard to win as the “house” have the advantage. However, there is nothing that says that you can’t claim a big win or even a jackpot on your first spin. You just have to be on good terms with goddess fortuna.