At this avant-garde restaurant in the northeastern Spanish city of Girona, executive chef Joan Roca uses ingredients such as like distilled soil, while sommelier Josep, keeps a cellar where music and video images are matched to the flavors of his favorite wines. Pastry chef Jordi, creates desserts that taste like the fragrance of well-known perfumes. 

Copenhagen’s Noma, which had held the top spot for the past three years, fell to second place, reports Time Magazine. 

Spanish restaurants have been well represented over the past few years and  Mugaritz and Arzaz were both in the top 10 of 2013’s list.

But none have managed to score the top spot since Copenhagen’s Noma displaced Ferran Adrià’s revolutionary elBulli in 2010. “It shows a consolidation of our position,” says Rafael Ansón, president of the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy. “It’s the strongest confirmation that in the world of chef-artists, we are the best.”

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