He stole booze, smashed games machines and drank so much beer he was found unconscious by staff the morning after.

Bell was sentenced to three months in prison at Burton Magistrate’s Court last week. He pleaded guilty to burglary and possessing drugs.

The security footage shows him breaking into the pub around 3am. He went around the bar and helped himself to beer.

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He then reached inside the pool table and stole money and also smashed up fruit machines with a set of tools he had brought. In total he stole £2,000, reported to Yahoo! News.

Bell was discovered at 7.30am the next morning by bar owner, Mike Roberts and his friend Wesley Roberts.

According to the Mail Online, Wesley Roberts told the court: “It was pretty scary – we could see there was a body on the floor, and we didn’t know if he was alive or dead. He was just lying there.

 “I gave him a shove and he woke up. That’s when we realised it was a burglar and called the police”.

 Mike and Wesley held Bell until the police arrived. The police also found three wraps of crack cocaine on him. 

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Video via YouTube/CBS News