Unlike France and Italy, Greece isn’t renowned for its cuisine. But the Greek people love to eat out and are fanatical about using fresh ingredients. Eating out will be a highlight of your trip to Greece.


Eating out

Lunch and dinner are eaten late in the day in Greece. Order some bread and tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip) to get you started but then try dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) or kololythakia (deep-fried zucchini). If you’re not too hungry try a Greek salad. A common main dish is mousaka (eggplant layered with mince, zucchini and potato).

Snacks on the run

A tasty, cheap traditional way to have lunch is to drop by a gyros stand. Like a kebab shop, the meat is cooked on large skewers and scraped off when done. The meat is then served in pitta bread with salad and perhaps a side of chips/fries.

The sweet stuff

Don’t leave without annoying your dentist with a stickly stab of baclava — layers of pastry filled with nuts and honey.


Order a one litre jug of the house wine to accompany your meal. It’s cheap but only occassionally nasty and after two glasses you won’t notice anyway.