Fortunately, the aptly named Big Tree Climbing Company enables adults and kids alike to climb trees using a safety harness to prevent any broken bones – plus it means you can get really high. Indeed, on my climb, the first tree branch was at least 20ft above us and so we used ropes to reach it – we had to step into a loop and push up with our legs before moving the loop up the rope to step up again.

It was tiring work and enough to make me break into a sweat (although it doesn’t take much). Once up there you can walk along the sturdy branches, playing monkey for a few minutes. I confess, though, that while the younger climbers did this,  I clung desperately to the lowest branch – it feels even higher than when you look up from the ground.

The only way is down, though, so I was strapped into a zip wire by one of the pros looking after us and whizzed my way back down to the bottom with a not-so-ladylike bump. It’s not quite as much fun as when I was a kid, but at least now I get to calm my nerves with an alcoholic drink afterwards.

£15, keep an eye on the website for the next London-based session.  

Alexandra Park  
Station | Alexandra Palace